The brand seeks to educate consumers on the dangers of counterfeit cannabis products

LOS ANGELES – January 10, 2020 – California-based cannabis and lifestyle brand STIIIZY announced today the launch of a new campaign aimed at raising consumer awareness about counterfeit cannabis products.

Using an educational video and other content on social media, STIIIZY’s anti-counterfeit campaign informs consumers that the safest way to buy cannabis products is through licensed retailers. Since its launch, STIIIZY has taken a number of measures to combat counterfeits, including legal action against known counterfeiters and packaging upgrades such as the recent introduction of QR codes to help customers verify a product’s authenticity. The QR code technology is similar to a program recently launched by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control to identify licensed cannabis retailers.

Counterfeit cannabis products present a serious threat to the regulated legal industry and public health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked the vast majority of vaping related illnesses that struck across the country in recent months to unregulated cannabis products. Unregulated products are likely to contain harmful pesticides, metals, and additives such as vitamin E acetate, according to recent tests by independent labs.

You can watch STIIIZY’s anti-counterfeit campaign video here:


Founded in 2017, STIIIZY is one of the fastest-growing cannabis brands in the world. Best known for innovation and premium quality concentrates and products, the brand’s “Influence, Inspire, Innovate” message has connected with avid fans in California, Nevada, Washington, and Michigan. STIIIZY is part of the Shryne Group portfolio of cannabis assets. For more information, visit

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