Connecting Our Unhoused Neighbors with Move-in Essentials

 Shryne Group joins City Net in donating move-in kits to unhoused individuals residing in the Riverside County community.

Everyone’s journey towards housing is different.

With the City Net Organization, their mission is to break the cycle of homelessness in the communities they serve by connecting neighbors who are unhoused to transformative care and innovative housing solutions such as their easy to follow guides on assembly kits that are donated to the unhoused communities that they serve.

Shryne Group believes in transformative initiatives such as this and was able to donate 12 move-in kits and 4 new microwaves to their Orange County headquarters to be distributed to the Riverside County unhoused community. Each move-in kit contained essentials such as cleaning supplies, hygiene items and first-home necessities such as pillows, sheets, laundry baskets to name a few.

Among gathering donated assembly kits, City Net also walks side by side with clients to help them with the process of obtaining important documents such as birth certificates, which for most, have been lost while living unhoused. It is just one of many steps they take with their clients who eagerly want to work towards a more consistent and trusting housing option.

City Net works daily to help clients get there through innovation, collaboration methods, and commitment. 

Learn how you can help support an individual’s housing journey from street to home on our website by assembling meal, hygiene, and move-in kits at

This is a simple way to support your unhoused neighbors from home, and is a great activity for people of all ages.