Helping the Homeless Cool Down

One of L.A.’s Hottest Summers

Summer 2020 in Los Angeles was one of the hottest ever, on top of an active pandemic and civil unrest. On September 6, 2020, the county recorded its highest temperature ever at 121°F. Relief was desperately needed across the board, but the city’s homeless were struggling most with the aggressive heat and harsh conditions on the street. On top of all that, local businesses which typically provided free water or food were now closed.

Shryne Group and OXIGEN Water teamed up, and together we distributed nearly 500 1L bottles of water on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition to this, we donated an additional 400 bottles of water to the homeless shelter at L.A.’s Midnight Mission. This shelter has been serving the community since 1914 and offers a path to self-sufficiency for men, women, and children experiencing homelessness.