Petals for Parents

In honor of Mother’s Day, STIIIZY went out into the Los Angeles community to buy out street vendors’ flowers to gift mothers at various community centers.

On Mother’s Day 2021, our team went to the outskirts of Los Angeles where multiple street vendors patiently
waited to sell dozens of bouquets that had been freshly made that morning. We were able to visit multiple
flower vendors who assumed we wanted to buy just one or two bouquets. Our team surprised each and
every one of them by purchasing every last bouquet they had for sale, giving the vendors the opportunity to
close shop early and spend the holiday with their own mothers.

Our first stop was to the Los Angeles House of Ruth (LAHR) which offers a safe and secure haven for homeless
families, many of whom are homeless due to domestic violence. We were able to drop off a dozen bouquets
for the mothers who were currently calling the House of Ruth their home.

Shryne Group also visited the Sakura Gardens at Los Angeles: a Pacifi ca senior living community where most
residents celebrated Mother’s Day alone during the pandemic due to COVID protocols. We then made one
final visit to the Downtown Women’s Center where we gifted the organization with the remaining bouquet of
flowers—ensuring no flower was wasted, but given to all of the hardworking, kind-hearted, never forgotten
mothers within our Los Angeles community. The STIIIZY team was grateful to experience the gift of giving
while being able to bring a little cheer to both patients and mothers alike this Mother’s Day—an experience
they will never forget.