Shryne Group Supports Small Businesses

During The Pandemic, STIIIZY Spotlights Local & Small Businesses

Throughout all the turmoil of 2020, STIIIZY never relented in our support and determination to bring positive change in our local communities. Many businesses were reeling from the economic loss caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic which forced business closures in LA and Orange County. To respond to this crisis, STIIIZY created the “Surprise & Delight” campaign in April, which centered around supporting essential workers in the cannabis industry, budtenders and STIIIZY HIgh Society members by providing food catering from local small businesses/Black-owned businesses around the LA and delivering it to over 100 local cannabis retail locations. We purchased from small businesses such as Blues’ Tacos, Alan’s Market Deli & Cafe as well as Black-owned businesses such as The Sammiche Shoppe, Pugs Pantry and Fixins Soul Kitchen to name a few. Additionally, in response to a wave of violence against LA street vendors during the pandemic, STIIIZY prioritized supporting them by providing surprise cash vouchers. These vendors work tirelessly to provide for their families at such a difficult time, these vouchers helped to show our appreciation, respect, and support for these independent business owners.