STIIIZY’s “BLESSED by LIIIT” Line of Products Created to Serve the Community

BLESSED Helps to Inspire Young Women & Feed Families In Watts Neighborhood.

BLESSED by LIIIT is our commitment back to the community that raised us. We invest a portion of the proceeds we earn from this line into causes that support underserved communities, like military veterans and people experiencing homelessness, as well as to respond to emergencies our communities may face. Cannabis has tremendous transformative power and the potential to bring positive change to people that have been unduly suffering for too long. 

In partnership with Red Eye Inc and with the proceeds from our last drop, we decided to uplift young girls during Women’s History Month by inviting renowned graffiti artist and muralist Muck Rock to provide a hands on art lesson. Muck Rock, inspired by the children and in collaboration with community leaders, designed and painted a mural at the Watts Empowerment Center that reflects the spirit, pride, and promise of the Imperial Courts community. The mural was painted on the brand-new refrigeration unit that will store donated food items for the newly established Watts Empowerment Center’s weekly farmer’s market events—where food and clothing items will be donated to families living in the area, the first ongoing effort of its kind in Watts.

These types of cultural projects shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury because they play a fundamental role in reviving the fortunes and boosting the prospects of our communities. The impact of looking up and seeing someone that looks like you, someone that represents your community, or in this case with this Muck Rock mural, seeing themselves directly, is immeasurable.